Bus Emissions Analysis


NOV 2018


  • Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Inspection Manual 2018 edition1
  • Coval Technologies Ltd
  • Octane Holding Group Ltd
  • DVSA
  • The AA
  • Cover photograph United Motorcoaches

Executive Summary

Due to stringent exhaust emissions legislation there is continuous pressure on owners of commercial and domestic diesel driven vehicles and machinery to reduce their emissions levels. Emissions standards are set by the UK Government which stipulate the maximum allowable exhaust emissions a vehicle can have in order to pass the inspection and maintenance checks known as the MOT, which legally allows users to drive vehicles on UK highways. The figures set by the UK Government can vary dependent upon the vehicles date of registration and the year of first use.

The report studies two buses from a major bus operating company, both vehicles were registered in 2004. Emissions readings were taken pre and post addition of the fuel additive, AquasolveTM and the data gathered for analysis. The tests were conducted in a registered MOT Testing Station and the results demonstrate a significant reduction in emissions levels when the additive is used. The figures obtained were much lower than the current allowable limits set for the age of the vehicles and they also achieved lower figures than the values set in the category for newer vehicles of registration.