Intertek Fuel Tests 2019


APRIL 2019

Testing performed at:

  • Intertek, Seal Sands, Middlesbrough, UK, TS21UB

Materials tested:  Diesel

Sample Submitted By: Aquasolve

Sample description: C-186940 ULSD with No additive

Tested By: MF/MS/EW/SL

EN 590:2013
Report Number : 18290 – A
Issue Number : 1

Summary Report a sample C-187819 treated with Fuel Additive Aquasolve Compound C

Following on from CFCS emission study and fuel savings trial, and referring to a point that was raised during the trial, “if Aquasolve effects the fuel specification”. Please find attached Intertek’s fuel specification results with the use of the fuel additive Aquasolve.

The product meets the EN 590:2013 Specification to which it was tested against and has not changed the fuel specification to become out of specification, therefore will in no way effect any warranty.

It can be said that the effects of Aquasolve have had the following improvements to the fuels’ quality and characteristics.

  1. Carbon residue reduced 50%.This will reduce the carbon deposits within the engine and reduce particulate exhaust emissions
  2. Flash Point improved. The effects are a safer stored hazardous product
  3. Water Content reduced. Reducing corrosion and the effects of water freezing within the fuel system.
  4. Cetane Number Increased. This improves the efficiency of the engine
  5. Oxidation Stability Increased By 50%. This has the positive effects of stabilizing degradation of the fuel, due to improved quality, “the lower the number the better the fuel quality is”.