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WHat is Coval Aquasolve™

It is a unique blend of surfactant fluids forming a non-biocide fuel treatment system which removes water in fuel and is proven to improve engine performance, reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

Aquasolve™ breaks down the surface tension barrier at molecular level between water and fuel oils to enable them to bond together in a stable solution.

Only the usual precautions that one would take when refuelling is necessary.

A good approximation should suffice as you cannot overdose with Aquasolve™ . As part of good fuel management, it is recommended that regular application in a 1:1000 ratio is used, but for specific water contamination problems, please ask for our advice.

The heart of Coval Aquasolve’s™ research philosophy has always ensured that whatever the benefits of the Aquasolve™ technology, its use must never be detrimental to any part of an engine. During extensive testing for over 12 years, there have been no adverse effects with any engine material we have come into contact with, with no claims at all made against the product.

Extensive materials’ compatibility testing has shown that Aquasolve™ does not adversely affect any of the materials used in the supply system from, and including, the fuel tank through to the combustion chamber. Aquasolve™ does in fact improve and cleanse the fuel system.

The composition of the exhaust gases will improve. Our test results show a 7% reduction in emission gases and the running temperature, which will be beneficial.

There is no need to change the settings for your engine including; fuel injectors or any of the injection or valve timing, or injection pressure?

There is no reason to when treating contamination problems with Aquasolve™.

It will improve it, as problems associated with burning contaminated fuel will have been prevented.

Provided the recommendations are followed for dosage rates to achieve and maintain a clear mixture, it will be stable. Test samples mixed at the outset many years ago are still clear and remain stable today.

Tests have shown that Aquasolve™ improves engine performance by approximately 9.4%. Aquasolve™ will not adversely affect your engines performance.

Our most recent ‘field test’ results have delivered MPG improvement of over 10%.

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